All of my illustrations are formed from my love of drawing and observing the world, although to be an illustrator you also have to have quite a vivid imagination. The reason that I wanted to be an illustrator is that I cannot remember a time when I have not doodled or used my drawings to work through ideas or things I have seen, plus all of my favourite books as a child were illustrated, I suppose I just love when an image and the written word come together. My characters, designs and ideas are based on satirising historical styles for comic effect or simply using them as a vehicle to create something peculiar, amusing or intriguing. I have always looked into the past rather than the future, because history of art has always fascinated me visually but also because so much can be learnt from the solutions that every generation of artist have had to come up with. Technically, I rely on initially sketching and painting small vignettes of possible ideas and compositions, then, when I have the majority of the image figured out, I will finalise it to scale and fingers-crossed keep some of the immediacy of my initial sketch. I usually try to change the medium in which I am working to suit the subject I am depicting or era it is originating from, but my favourite materials have to be gouache, oils, inks, paper cutouts or just simply pencil.