"The Lost Cavalry formed as the circus was leaving town... The songs are all stories. If you place the songs end to end they form a novel, which you can read in any order. Tales of elephants returning to life, of ghostly soldiers marching down midnight streets, of boats setting sail to lost islands... And the music? Magical, lilting, happy/sad bulletins of pure loveliness." No One Died

The Lost Cavalry are a London-based indie-folk 5 piece band, formed by vocalist Mark West (previously of Fanfarlo). Their style is simple, emotional and evocative of sea shanties, rousing circus music, war ballads, the essense of the story-telling folk music of old. As their music is so imaginative and reminiscent of the childhood dreams of adventure I thought it would be nice for their E.P cover, Waves Freeze to Rolling Hills, to have a children's story book feel and have all of the bright colours, strong, bold, graphic shapes, a little patterning and emotional intrigue that goes with that genre of illustration.

I think on the whole it is one of the most successful pieces of illustration I have done in recent months. Plus, it has allowed me to return to paper cut-outs, a medium that I have enjoyed so much in the past.

Waves Freeze to Rolling Hills - hand-coloured paper cutouts
Waves Freeze to Rolling Hills (detail) - hand-coloured paper cutouts
The Lost Cavalry - merchandise
The Elephant of Castlebar Hill - hand-coloured paper cutouts