Below are drawings or paintings that are either not part of a series or have been undertaken quite recently. They all have a certain musical theme having been produced for musicians/bands or just musical objects that I am particularly interested in. I love the way in which objects of the past take on a certain charm just from having aged or having been owned by someone. I am particularly drawn to musical objects that are mechanical in their nature, such as the accordian or organ because of their simplicity and their need for human interaction, I like an object that one can understand without too much effort. I prefer to know that if I pull this 'ere lever then this will happen, I mean, who really knows how an iPod works?
The Walkman - pencil on paper
Darwin's IPod - ink on paper
Musical Suitcase - pencil and ink on paper
Tom Rosenthal's Webpage design- gouache on paper (detail of a larger image)
Dry The River T-shirt design- ink on paper
Suffolk and Norfolk Beer Festival - gouache on Paper