The vast majority of images that I undertake are not part of a series but are singular commissions. These projects below do not follow a theme but rather have been created to look similar to vintage Japanese posters/prints of the past. My influences, however, are not just from the floating world, I also look toward european poster artists of the turn of the century like Mucha and Lautrec.

The posters below are all ones that I have either exhibited or posters promoting Japanese cultural events. Each one I can say is an experiment of either line weight, colour, or creation of pattern. I love undertaking each one of these projects as it's really great to not have to worry about colour in the early stages and purely think about composition, then when everything is inked, converting the lineart into flat colours much in the same way as ukiiyo-e print artists used to.

An A1 poster for the traditional Japanese folk tale Tsuru no Ongaeshi - ink on paper, exhibited at the annual Japanese Matsuri Festival in Spitalfields, London.
A poster detailing the last days of WWII for Emperor Hirohito/Showa - ink on paper
A promotional poster for Japanese music artist De De Mouse - ink on paper