I first started drawing birds between projects at university, when I was at a loose end it was just a simple thing to do that required very little thought and yet really calmed me down and focused my thoughts. However, the more I discovered about ornithology the more visual puns and little in-jokes started to come to mind which I jotted down. After a quick trip to my university library I found a small book British Birds and Their Eggs published in 1911 exploring in astonishing detail the habitat and idiosyncrinces of different bird species local to the United Kingdom. It has since become a habit for me and so I do not see this project as over but more as ongoing. My future plan for it would be to produce a small mock-informative guide/encyclopedia on birds detailing bird's more silly features but taking the visual aesthetic of the 1911 version.
House Sparrow - gouache on paper (top left), Cardinal - gouache on paper (bottom left), Studies On Types Of Beak - pencil on paper (right)
One Day We'll Be In Charge - ink on paper, Are We Nearly There Yet? - ink on paper
Beaks Are Better - digital painting (top left), Cockney Sparrow - ink on paper (top right), Migration From Hell - pencil on paper (bottom left), Faberge Finch - pencil on paper (bottom right)
Bird Anatomy - pencil on paper
The Offensive Finch - ink on paper