Fair Game is a series of pastiche hunting illustrations exploring the relationship between man and beast, hunter and prey. My intention was to blend two animals so seamlessly, their stance, expression and lighting, so that it would take an observer a moment to realise what they looking at was an amalgam of two different creatures. I started with a collection of anthropomorphic characters performing tasks related to that particular animal concerned; pig butchers, horse jockeys, pidgeon army sargeants, etc. However, the deer hunter held such scope for parody, the hunting look having many artistic influences to draw upon that I had to see where it would lead. Edwin Landseer's Monarch of The Glen was one of the first paintings I looked at for inspiration, because I wanted the illustrations to have that particularly British feel. But the flat colour, poster-like illustration of ladybird book jackets, hunting-party photographs from early twentieth century, the hilarious captions of Glen Baxter and British hunting fashion and textiles, like tweed, all played their part in creating these images.
"Anyone for a spot of tea?" - gouache on paper
"I'll have a dram if it's all the same?" - gouache on paper
"Tally ho, these dumb animals won't catch themselves!"

gouache on paper

Bite the Bullet - ink and gouache on paper
Hunting Silhouette - paper cut-outs