Blues is a genre of music like none other; the aesthetic of the travelling musician, honing their skills and telling of their adventures through their music and lyrics. This lone journey through early twentieth century 'dust-bowl' America also made their stories incredibly individual and personal with an extremely melancholic feeling. I started drawing these musicians because of they had such interesting faces; etched with the struggle of economic depression and mass unenemployment.

The idea of a musician becoming famous through the strength of their music and the tales of their experiences rather than their "image" is something that we have lost through the 'advances' in world comminication and music television. But we still go back to these Bluesmen over and over again as a fantasticly pure source of inspiration for both other musicians and artist a like.

John Lee Hooker (left and right) - ink on paper
Howlin' Wolf (left) Robert Johnson (right) - ink on paper