When I was eighteen I spent three months travelling around Japan as a way to more fullly understand the culture and the ukiyoe prints that I was so interested in and have been ever since. During this time whilst heading North in Hokkaido I happened to go to the beer museum in Sapporo, it was here that I first came across beer posters that Sapporo, Kirin, and Asahi beer companies had produced at the turn of the century. Years later, during my final year of university I decided to do my own take on the posters, combining their traditional aesthetic of old Japan, the ukiyoe prints that I originally fell in love with (in this case the work of Hokusai and Utamaro) but with a fresher, more modern colour scheme. I also included the branding of 'Asahi' beer so that they would look like finished posters, though they remain unpublished.
Hokusai - ink on paper (unpublished)
Geisha Punk - ink on paper (unpublished)
Utamaro - ink on paper (unpublished)
Samurai Punk - ink on paper (unpublished)