Aquanaut is a character that I have been playing around with for quite a while (he has made quite an appearance in the website too!). I have been interested in the sea and the animals that live in it ever since I can remember, here is a an environment of pulp discovery with strange and unusual creatures undisturbed by the constraint of gravity. It is also a lonely place and I thought that as a setting for a silent short story it would be perfect. My love of silent graphic novels stems from the fact that I believe tales are ultimately universal and shouldn't need to be translated because humans, the constant, are the same. So what better for this lonely story than the silent and ambiguous figure of the lone adventurer explorying the depths. Plus with his phosphorus candle and diving-bell attire he also ties into my love of all things steampunk and victoriana!
Aquanaut - The Ancient Mariner - ink and gouache on paper
Balloons - pencil on paper
Fishmail - pencil on paper
Crest - pencil on paper
Walkies - pencil on paper